LL.B. degree at NUI Maynooth accredited by the King's Inns

The Department of Law, NUI Maynooth, has announced today that the Honorable Society of King's Inns has accredited its new four-year, full-time undergraduate LL.B. Bachelor of Laws degree. This adds to the department’s portfolio of accredited law degrees, which includes the B.C.L. (with a focus on Law & Arts) and the B.B.L. (with a focus on Law & Business).

Prof. Sandeep Gopalan, Head of the Department, welcomed the accreditation of the new degree: “The new LL.B. was designed to reflect recent research on what legal education does well and what it fails to do adequately. It was also tailored to reflect the needs of potential employers in highly competitive markets, including large international law firms, multinational businesses, regulatory agencies and international organisations. Accordingly, it emphasizes legal writing and advocacy skills and incorporates experiential learning wherever feasible. The King’s Inns accreditation will add to the range of choices available to law students at NUI Maynooth and enhance their ability to compete internationally.” 

There are a number of options for students to undertake Law at NUI Maynooth, through the LLB, the BBL Law and Business, the BCL Law & Arts or through the BA degree programme.  While the LLB is a pure law degree for those interested in legal careers, the broad nature of the BBL and BCL provides an attractive skill set for a diverse array of employers, and graduates can expect to have an extensive range of career options. 

Law has experienced rapid expansion at NUI Maynooth.  This September, three new postgraduate degree programmes are being introduced; LL.M. - Master of Law (for law graduates), M.L.S. - Master of Legal Science (for graduates from any discipline) and the LL.M International Business Law (dual degree with the Catholic University of Lyon).  

NUI Maynooth is the fastest growing university in Ireland and the development of professional law programmes complements the outstanding success the university has already achieved in the humanities and sciences.


For further details please contact law@nuim.ie